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"Correlation of Proton Mass with Electron Mass"

Submitted to "Nature" 18.1.2009 "

and to the (alternative) Web Archive viXra

This paper was regretfully regarded not suitable for publication by "Nature" on the 23rd January 2009.

This is the most recent submission on the miracle 53 MeV correlation between lepton and hadron mass and the substructure of the quarks. Quarks can be built from Leptons and thus from electromagnetic energy, as well.

"Model for Understanding the Substructure of the Electron"

Submitted to "Nature Physics" 17.07. 2009

and to the (alternative) Web Archive viXra

This most recent version of the article was submitted to Nature Physics as NPHYS-2009-07-01154.

The "Nature Physics" administration regretted "that we are unable to conclude that the work provides the sort of firm advance in general understanding that would warrant publication in Nature Physics. I am sorry that we cannot respond more positively on this occasion."

"The Substructure of the Electron"

Submitted to "Nature" 22.2.2004 "Electromagnetic Particle Model of the Electron"

Manuscript # 2004-02-15798 was submitted 22.2.2004.

"Nature" regretted to be unable to publish.

"Correlation of Elementary Charge with Spin in a Singularity Free Electron Model"

Submitted to "Physical Review" 9 March 2005

This article version was submitted to "Physical Review" as NPRe: DCR1002:

Pulication was rejected after review by a professor of Columbia University, which I regarded as sort of honour.

"Elektromagnetisches Teilchenmodell sowie Verfahren zu seiner Berechnung und Simulation"

Submitted 08.09.2003 as German Patent Application OS DE10341341A1

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This is the original version published in German language. It was published as patent application and is a citable, documented source. It is not, naturally, a peer reviewed source.

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