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Electromagnetic Theory of Gravity

Gravity probably is a side effect of the electromagnetic interaction, as it can be shielded by the famous rotating superconducting disks by Podkletnov. It is postulated here that the attractive force might result from the attraction between the dipoles formed by the rotating elementary particles by the classical equation for the force between dipoles.

Every electron and every quark gives a tiny dipole which rotates - as described in the other pages on the electron substructure and the quark structure.

The overall resulting forces should be able to be computed and integrated over time and the surrounding volume element to give the observed magnitude of "gravitic force". The well known fact that the "gravity constant" is not a precise constant but varies in different locations of the earths surface might here be attributed to different minerals in the earths crust with slightly different dipole properties.

Status of this idea: first documented 18.09.2010.

Update 14th Aug. 2020 This work will be continued.

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