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1. Terms of site:
Any use of the this website, subject to these conditions of use. I reserve the right to correct, modify or change these Terms at any time without further notice. Upon entering the site, you are accepting these conditions in their current version as a basis for using the Website. You assume all risk for your use of this site.

2. Access to the this website:
The user must take note that Dr. Christoph Caesar expressly excludes any responsibility for the continued operation of the site. In addition, reserve the right to fully or partly stop operating on the site or limit access to it at any time and without further notice.

3. Data and information:
All information published by this website will be offered free to users (unless stated otherwise). Any user can use the information for personal purposes. Any other use of information, especially copying, modification, or inclusion in any publication or advertising of any kind is permitted only with prior consent of Dr. Christoph Caesar or the holder of that information.

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During the use or the access to this site, the user will ensure that it is not involved in any of the following activities:

- To bring morals offense;
- To violate an intellectual property right or any other proprietary right;
- Load any data containing a virus, or another program that could destroy data on the site;
- To distribute advertising or unsolicited e-mails (so-called "spam"), or initiating false warnings against viruses, or other similar materials.

In addition, this website will not be liable for any damages caused by misuse of the data provided.

4. Information of third parties:
This website may contain links or references to websites of third parties. Dr. Christoph Caesar will not take any responsibility for the content of these pages. Also, do not put in a position to represent or endorse such web pages or their contents as property of Dr. Christoph Caesar, because we have no control over the information or on the Web. Dr. Christoph Caesar is not liable for the quality or accuracy of information from third parties appearing on the site specifically as third sources.

5. Important Virus Warning:
Although Dr. Christoph Caesar is best to keep this website free from viruses, we can not provide any guarantee that this happens entirely. Therefore, the user should take necessary precautions to protect themselves. We recommend using an antivirus program for viruses before downloading any information.

6. Jurisdiction / Applicable Law:
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These Conditions are in accordance with the laws of Germany. As regards jurisdiction over which the parties may agree, any dispute arising from or in connection with these Conditions will be resolved in the jurisdiction Munich, Germany.

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